Arranged alphabeticially, my lovely interviews with lovely authors, old and new. 
Published Books are listed below names, with links to reviews of those I have read

Heather Day Gilbert on Viking Fiction

Author of the Viking Age fiction novels God's Daughter and Forest Child based on the Norse Sagas

Julie Klassen on Regency Fiction 

An old interview from 2012- Julie Klassen needs no introduction. 

Published Works:
The Lady  of Milkweed Manor 
The Apothecary's Daughter 
The Silent Governess 
The Girl in the Gatehouse 
The Maid of Fairbourne Hall
The Tutor's Daughter 
Lady Maybe 
The Dancing Master
The Secret of Pembrooke Park 
The Painter's Daughter 
The Innkeeper of Ivy Hill- Tales From Ivy Hill #1

 Rachel A. James on Celts, Saxons and Castles

British Author and Vicar's daughter, Rachel has written two Young Adult Romantic Fiction novels set in seventh century Britain, at the time of the Saxon Conquests, featuring spunky Celtic ladies.

Published Works:
The Forgotten Princess of Elmetia 
The Last Princess of Meigen 

Venessa Knizley on Medieval Fiction

Author of Beneath Outstretched Arms a novel based on the lives, struggles and loves of young people during and after the Black Death of 1348. 

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